mimsy ga ichiban! (victoriabug) wrote,
mimsy ga ichiban!

days at work (this is a downer, folks)

she came to us wednesday, curled up in a red, wicker basket the size of a soccer ball. her whole body was cold, rigid and wet. the bones and ligaments of her back left leg were bare, and there was barely a drop of blood left in her body to keep the color in her torn musculature. she smelled vaguely of infection and urine. closer inspection revealed white gums and fully dilated pupils, she only mewed once, but never moved, just curled herself tighter in pain.
the three children who brought her in ranged in age from about four to twelve. they told me they wanted to keep her, but couldnt afford her care. their grandma had the car engine running outside, and when the kids went out to ask her for money, she coaxed them back in the car and the group ended up speeding out of the parking lot. kitty was left behind, not uncommon around here.
thursday morning veronica came in, the pastor of the church the children's family attends. she said the kids had come to her with tears in their eyes asking her to help them. their neighbors were evil, they said. they had fighting dogs fenced up in small cages in their backyard. the kids had watched them throw a cat into one of the cages and let the dogs maul it for fun. they had snuck in later to rescue her, then brought her to us. they were upset they'd left her behind and they offered their christmas money for her care. the pastor came to make a donation on their behalf.
kitty had died shortly after they'd left wednesday. there wasnt much that could have saved her.
the pastor asked if those people could go to jail for what they'd done to the cat, but unfortunately, the laws arent that stringent. no one has the resources to handle animal cruelty cases. she's collecting as much information as she can so I can report it for her, but it will likely go unpunished.
some weeks back a woman came running into the clinic. a dog had just been thrown from a moving vehicle into the road out front. I grabbed a stretcher and ran outside. it was a female pit bull, standing on what appeared to be two completely broken front legs, bent backwards halfway up. she stood their quietly. she didnt snarl or whine when I touched her. she let me lift her up to the stretcher and wheel her inside, stoic, obviously hurting and scared.
we came to find that the legs were not freshly broken. they appeared to have been deliberately snapped and allowed to heal. she'd been crippled and probably used as a breeder. she'd clearly been nursing a litter recently, her milk hadnt dried up yet. she had scars all over her face and body, blood oozing from small wounds and her back end. she stared back at me, distinctly heartbroken. I stayed with her as long as I could, but the damage done to her was so crippling and extensive, she had to be euthanized.

this happens too often.
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