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so hooray for all capital letters! I'm using the name Fiver, for the sake of keeping my real name out of things. this is the press release!

"Go.:San Francisco's Only Revolving Collaborative Monthly Arts Event Series"

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Go. – a monthly, curated, cross-media collaboration series – returns to Varnish Fine Art Gallery this month on Friday, May 5th at 6 PM. Go. focuses on bringing together a visual artist, writer, and audio artist and charges them to come up with something completely new. Go. participants only have a theme and a very short timeline to guide them, and the entire exhibition is up for one night only.

This month's theme is "The Blessed and the Forgotten," and features the combined talents of Renaissance siblings Nicholas and Miranda Culp of The Culprits (www.bandofculprits.com); the vibrant and observant prose stylist Ana Maria Ventura; and the found object neo-folk artist Fiver. Go. is curated every month by Oakland-based artist Michael Braithwaite and her partner, the writer Page McBee.

Adventurous types who don't need to know exactly what to expect are welcome to attend the newest installment of this monthly "First Friday" event. This month's three artists have created a unique and haunting meld of music and story in a warehouse-excavated motif. However, whether it be a one-night installation art exhibition or a multi-media narrative-based performance, Go. will feature new, fresh ideas every month.

Go.'s primary focus is to bring together artists across lines of culture, gender, sexuality, race, and generation, to create an experience that truly blends issues of identity and medium. The first Friday of every month, three Bay Area artists will work together to transcend categorization. The organizers of Go. will be taking June off, so expect to be extra excited for the July 7th event.

Go. is San Francisco's only revolving collaborative monthly arts event series. The sixth installment of this new and innovative series will take place on May 5th at 6 PM at Varnish Fine Art gallery, and will feature Nicholas and Miranda Culp of The Culprits, Ana Maria Ventura, and Fiver, who will explore the theme, "The Blessed and the Forgotten."



Varnish Fine Art
77 Natoma Street, San Francisco

$3 Suggested Donation

Go. The possibilities are endless.
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